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part 2 : Adriana dildoes her drooling pussy

part 2 : Adriana dildoes her drooling pussy

As the moon cast its eerie glow over the bedroom, Adriana with her long legs lay there, eyes closed, waiting for him. She could feel his presence in the room, the weight of his desire pressing down on her. She knew what was coming, and she couldn’t wait.

He entered the room, silent as a cat, and she opened her eyes to meet his gaze. Her long legs started to spread naturally to let her drooling pussy breathe . He was a vision in the dim light, his muscles rippling beneath his skin as he moved towards her. She could smell his musk, a heady mix of sweat and desire, and her pussy clenched in anticipation.

He knelt beside her, his hands roaming over her body, tracing the curves and dips of her flesh. She moaned as his fingers found their way to her breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples until they were hard and aching.

He moved lower, his tongue darting out to lick at the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. She gasped as he delved deeper, his tongue probing at her pussy, teasing her clit until she was writhing beneath him.

He stood up, his cock jutting out like a weapon, and she reached out to grasp it, stroking it slowly as he watched her with a hungry gaze. She could see the desire burning in his eyes, and she knew that he was going to take her hard and fast because her long legs made him hard.

I love your long legs

He pushed her onto her back, his weight pinning her to the bed as he plunged into her with a fierce cry. She screamed as he filled her, his cock stretching her wide as he pounded into her again and again.

He pulled her long legs up, wrapping them around his waist as he continued to fuck her, his breath coming in ragged gasps. She could feel his muscles tensing, and she knew that he was close.

He grunted as he came, his cock pulsing inside her as he spilled his seed deep within her. She moaned as she felt his cum flooding her, her own orgasm building within her.

He collapsed beside her, his breathing ragged as he caught his breath. She could feel his cock still inside her, softening but still thick and heavy. She reached out to stroke it, savoring the feel of it in her hand.

He groaned as she touched him, and she knew that he was already hard again. She smiled, knowing that the night was far from over. They had hours of kinky, dirty pleasure ahead of them, and she couldn’t wait to explore every inch of his body.

As he moved to take her again, she closed her eyes, lost in the pleasure of his touch. She knew that this was what she was meant for, to be his plaything, his slave, his everything.

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