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Emily Addison, clad in a fiery red bikini, was lounging by the poolside. Her big tits were heaving and visible through the fabric as she breathed heavily. As she licked her lips, there was no mistaking the lust in her eyes. She ran her hands slowly and seductively over her curves, exposing her bare midriff and accentuating her deep cleavage. She turned towards the sun, basking in the warmth of the rays that made her skin glisten. Her fingers trailed along her tight stomach and rounded the waistband of her bikini, sliding beneath the string to gently pull it down. She shook her head forcefully as she stripped off, tossing the bikini top aside and exposing her enormous, luscious breasts. They were full and firm, jiggling slightly with each movement, and her perky nipples stood erect, begging to be played with.

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Her hips arched, accentuating her curvy hips and tight, sculpted ass. Moving closer to the water, Emily cupped both hands and splashed water towards her chest, sending droplets flying off her nipples. She leaned back, draping herself across the sunbed, and spread her legs wide to expose her pussy. As she spread her lips apart, her clit became fully visible and engorged, glistening with moisture and desire. As her fingers played the hood of her clit, she slipped two fingers inside, coating them with her vaginal juices. Emily addison pushed the index finger and her middle finger deep into her hole, groaning with pleasure as she pumped them in and out. Without missing a beat, she used the last two fingers of her other hand to glide her slick fingers over her lips, holding the pressure at her clit as her body shook with orgasm. Her tiny moans of pleasure subtly carried over the poolside, the fingers she released her pussy with glistening with her tasty nectar.

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Emily’s body was flushed and sensitive when a firm pair of hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her close. she could also have been part of a series of big tits pics. It was her dom, wearing nothing but a meager pair of tight board shorts that did nothing to hide his hard cock. He urged her forward and positioned her atop him, facing her away from him as he grabbed her hips and pushed back into her, making her even closer to his member. Her tits pressed against his chest, and his breath was hot on them. He reached around her and slid his fingers back into her pussy, parting her labia with his thumb as her vagina clenched around his hand. Emily arched her back and threw her head back, moaning electrically as he pulled her onto him faster and faster, tugging her lower lips back against her vaginal walls.

Emily addison could feel her lover’s balls slapping against her pussy, intensifying the pleasure as she moved. As her body pushed back onto him and she reached for the hood of her clit, she orgasmed again and again. His strokes sped up, and they fucked with a growing frenzy. Abruptly, he stilled with her still impaled on him as in her porn videos, and grabbed her hips hard enough to leave a mark while his balls tightened and shot his warm seed into her juicy hole. Their cries of pleasure echoed across the poolside before fading into the afternoon sun. They both moaned as they softened and lay together, their breaths intermingling in the twilight. Their lips met soundlessly, their hearts beating as one.

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