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The room was pitch black, the air thick with desire and a faint smell of leather permeating the space. A silhouette lurked in the darkness, wearing only a skimpy leather lingerie set that clung to her body, accentuating all of her curves. Her breasts bulged from the bra, and her pouty lips begged to be devoured. The embossed leather between her legs shimmered in the dim light, revealing her hidden enticements. Her attacker reached for her, and she let out a deep, primal moan as his hands groped her body. He caressed her breasts, her hips, and trailed his fingers down to the leather thong she wore. He expertly pulled it aside, exposing her dark hole, and then began to finger her anally. The sensations that brought were both foreign and familiar, an intoxicating mix that drove her wild.

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He pushed another finger in, then a third, stretching her out and opening her to accept his mid-sized cock. “Do you like that, baby?” he rasped, his voice husky with lust. “You like being fucked in the ass? There’s no telling how bad you want it. Let’s see how much you can take.” She nodded, her eyes closed as his fingers left her body and were instantly replaced by his mouth. She felt the soft, warm tongue of her attacker exploring her, delving deep into her rear. Her breaths became jagged, her moans desperate. He began to slide his fingers back into her, scissoring them as he prepared her for the invasion of his cock. With a feral growl, he ripped off her lingerie and threw it to the ground. He quickly took off his clothes, yanking out his massive cock as he rushed towards her. She moaned loudly, her ass ready to receive his impressive length. He pulled her chest back, guiding his hardened appendage towards her. His tip touched her ass, teasing her and threatening to pull back. He paused, enjoying the near orgasm she felt, and then plunged in, causing her to scream as his entire shaft was engulfed by her tight hole. He controlled the pace, gracefully sliding in and out of her, waiting for her to become acclimated to the sheer size of his manhood. Her ass clenched around him, the erotic feeling intoxicating.

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He began to go faster, his hips rolling in a steady rhythm as her gasps filled the room. Her anus burned from the violation, yet she was hungry for more. He pulled out, held her hips tight, and exploded inside her, filling her ass with his cum. He slid out of her, leaving his seed spilling on the ground, and she collapsed. Her ass felt stretched and sore from the intimate act, but it was enough to leave her aching for more. The salty taste of his semen lingered on her tongue, making her hungry for the next meal. She was his, at his beck and call, fulfilling his every need. And that was enough. For now. “Just let me know when you’re ready to take me,” he commanded. “I’ll be here.” She moaned, unable to form any response. But she knew she’d be back.

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