Videos pornpics - young nurse fucks her old patient

young nurse fucks her old patient

The young nurse was never afraid to speak her mind, so when her old patient, a grizzled man in his fifties, requested sex, she listened intently. At first, she was taken aback by his brazenness, but after a moment, something inside her sparked, and she found herself nodding her head in agreement. She sat down on the edge of the bed, her heart racing as she watched him undress. The old man was one of her biggest patients, but she had never once felt attracted to him until now. As he approached her, she could feel a surge of desire building up inside of her. His strong hands grabbed her arms and pulled her closer, their bodies pressed together, tongues licking eagerly as their hands explored each other. The young nurse could feel herself getting wet, her pussy lips slick and lubricated as she responded to his touch.

The old man’s hands slid down under her shirt, cupping her breasts as he sucked and twisted her nipples until they were hard and puckered. She moaned with pleasure as he dobbed her tits with his tongue, his hands sliding up and down her sides. watch also a candid teen fucked by old man on porn pics. His fingers brushed against her bottom lip, and she swayed closer, her thighs parting as he slipped his fingers inside her. She could feel their pulse racing as he thrust them deep into her pussy, his fingers massaging her clit until she was too close to cum. Without a word, the young nurse yanked his shirt off and knelt beside him, taking his hard rod into her mouth. His hands gripped the back of her head as he pushed his cock deeper into her, her lips closing around it, sucking forcefully as she took him down her throat. With every stroke, his cock hit her soft spot, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, her knees buckling as she came harder and harder. The old man’s cock moved faster and faster, and she could feel herself crying out with every stroke. After an eternity, the old man pulled himself away, groaning, his heart racing as he finished. The young nurse lay on the bed, panting, her heart pounding as she came down from her high. She looked over at the old man, her eyes soft with gratitude, and smiled contentedly as she realized that sometimes, the most unexpected encounters can lead to the most unforgettable experiences.

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